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Run Node.js commands concurrently

15-01-2021 | #nodejs

If you are developing an application, you may be running commands using operators like this "npm run develop && npm run start" or in separate terminals. This is normal but when you have more commands to run than these, it is really cumbersome.

concurrently library will help you solve this problem. You can install it globally

npm install -g concurrently

or locally and use from npm scripts

npm install --save concurrently 

After installing, you can use it to run commands above like this

concurrently "npm run develop" "npm run start"

It looks prettier now.

One thing to note that commands are surrounded with quotes. When you use them from npm scripts, you need to escape the quotes

  "scripts": {
     "start": "concurrently \"npm run develop\" \"npm run start\"

You can also shorten the commands with yarn or npm.

concurrently "npm:develop" "npm:start"

One thing I like about concurrently is that you can kill other processes if one process fails. To do that, you pass --kill-others (-k) option to the command.

concurrently -k "npm run develop" "npm run start"

You can find more options here

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