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Resolve path with Node

13-01-2021 | #nodejs

A resolved path is an absolute path. To resolve a path with Node, you use resolve() method of the path module.

const path = require("path")

It receives a sequence of paths. The sequence is processed from right to left. The subsequent paths are prepended until an absolute path is constructed.

path.resolve("/path1", "/path2", "path3")
// C:\\path2\\path3

The order of the subsequent paths above is "path3", "/path2" and "/path1". The method returns C:\path2\path3 and doesn't include "/path1" because "/path2" + "/" + "path3" is an absolute path.

If you use '..' and '.' segments in the paths, they will be resolved.

path.resolve("/path1", "path2", "../path3")
// C:\\path1\\path3

The resulting path is normalized and trailing slashes are removed.

path.resolve("/path1", "path2\\")
// C:\\path1\\path2

If there isn't any absolute path generated, the absolute path of the current working directory will be used

path.resolve("path1", "path2")
// C:\\Users\\phong\\path1\\path2

If no path is passed, resolve() will return the absolute path of the current working directory.

// C:\\Users\\phong

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