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Normalize path with Node

06-01-2021 | #nodejs

Normalize path means that the '..' and '.' segments are resolved and path segment separation characters like / and \ are replaced with the platform-specific path segment separator.

To normalize the path with Node, you call the normalize() method of the path module.

 const path = require("path")

It receives a path as a parameter

// path1\\path3

The path above is resolved at '..' segment. It goes up from path2 to path1 and continues with path3. I am using Windows so that the path segment separator is replaced with \\.

If there are multiple separators, they will be replaced with a single separator.

// path1\\path2\\path3

In case you combine / and \ in the path, they are still replaced with a platform-specific separator.

// path1\\path2\\path3

The method preserves the trailing separators.

// path1\\path2\\

If you pass a zero-length string, the method returns '.', which is the current directory.

// '.'

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