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Copy event

20-01-2021 | #javascript

Copy event fires when you copy the selection to the clipboard.

The event handler can modify the copied content by using setData on the event's ClipboardEvent.clipboardData property.


In this example, you reverse the words in the paragraph when the user copies the text and paste it to the textarea. You are going to create two elements: a paragraph and a textarea.

p Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi et dolor magna. Curabitur mauris eros, scelerisque eleifend odio in, luctus mattis lorem.
textarea(cols="30", rows="10")

You listen to the copy event. You do all works in this event listener.

document.addEventListener("copy", (event) => {

Because you will modify the selected text and set it back to the clipboard. You need to cancel the event's default action. Else, the event will use the original selected text.

You retrieve the selection from getSelection() method of the document.

document.addEventListener("copy", (event) => {
  // ...
  const selection = document.getSelection();

The method returns a Selection object. It contains all information about the selection. To get the selected text, you call the toString() method.

const selection = document.getSelection().toString();

You now have the selected text. You reverse the words of the selected text by using array methods

const reversedSelection = selection.split(" ").reverse().join(" ");

You have just retrieved and reversed the selected text. You need to set it back to the clipboard

event.clipboardData.setData("text/plain", reversedSelection);

You use the setData method on the event's clipboardData property. The method requires data format and the data to set to the clipboard. You use text/plain format for the selected text.

Here is full code of the example

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