Phong Duong


Perfection is a process, not the result

03-12-2020 | #me

For me, perfection is that I don't want to have any errors in what I do. It's hard and exhausted to keep everything perfect. When I publish a piece of content, I want it to be perfect. But I always feel something was wrong and afraid someone would point out the error. After all, I just make a little modification and leave it behind because it's wasting time.

I have so much content I want to create. I don't want to stick with a piece of content for too long. When I start creating another piece of content, I try to avoid previous mistakes. I also try something new in it. The joy of creating content is you can try something new and see if it works.

This is the issue that makes me hesitate to create content. I want my content to be useful to my audiences. I also want to create as much content as possible. After trying some ways, I think I should prioritize the quantity rather than quality. Because I can improve my content by creating more.

Now, perfection for me is not the result of a piece of content. It's a process in which I try, modify, and improve pieces by pieces. If I satisfy with a blog post or video, I just publish it and create another. When I find a mistake, I will fix it.

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