Phong Duong


Motivate myself everyday

04-12-2020 | #me

Every day I get up, I find it hard to keep up the momentum. Things don't happen as I expected. When I publish a piece of content, I expect many people would consume it. But it doesn't. Although it's fun to create content and express my creativity, I'm sometimes frustrated because it doesn't get any engagement.

I have to motivate myself to keep going. I have watched an anime series recently. It's Run with the Wind. The series is about a group of 10 college students who are trying to take part in a marathon contest. They don't have any experience in running and have to run 5km in 16 minutes to meet the qualification. After all, they meet the qualification and take part in the contest. They get in the top 10.

There are many inspiring quotes in the series. I rewatch it 3 times and will watch one more time. These quotes help to motivate me. I find myself in the series. I am doing what I like and happy with it. But I can't be happy all the time. My process is not always linear.

To motivate myself, I choose to consume other creator's content. I read blogs and books, watch videos and anime. While consuming content, I can have new ideas for my content. It also inspires me to keep going because if they can, me too.

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