Phong Duong


I am proud of my old well

02-12-2020 | #me

My family has an old well in our yard. It is very old. My family dug it many years ago when my father was still a young boy. When he told me the story, I felt the joy in him.

We have many memories of it. I remember that when I was a little boy, I bathed with its water. It was really cool and fresh.

When my family rebuilt the house, we decided not to destroy it. We kept it.

Now we only use it to water the trees. We don't use the pump. We get it manually.

Guests and strangers sometimes are surprised by the well. It is not popular because people no longer use it nowadays.

Someday we may destroy it but now I am so proud of it.

Ordinary things around you contain the extraordinary that is waiting for you to explore. You may think it is not important now but you will realize it is your memory. It's a part of you.

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