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Tips for creating content

26-11-2020 | #me

Creating content is the best way to build your online presence, share knowledge, and promote your product. There are many formats of content: videos, blog posts, images, stories, streams, you name it.

When I started creating content, I usually asked myself what format I should create and what type of content people would like. I kept asking myself and didn't create anything.

But it had changed when I watched this video. Gary's idea was so brilliant: you document your life. You do what you like and share it with the world instead of creating something new from the void. I liked this idea so much.

It's been 4 months since I started creating content. In this post, I am going to share some tips I use to create content on some popular platforms. I write blogs, make videos on Youtube, stream on Twitch, and publish a weekly newsletter.

You are a unique piece of content

Your knowledge, experience, and thought are also unique pieces of content. They are valuable to someone out there. They can help people around you. You can create notes of what you are learning and doing. This is also a good way to learn and build in public. Communities like #100DaysOfCode,, and Indie Hackers are the best places to share your progress. If you are reading a useful blog post or watching an interesting video, please share it with people. If it can help you, it also helps people.

Bundle and unbundle

Creating content is like playing Lego. You can assemble small pieces into a big piece. You can also break the big piece into small pieces. When you make notes, you can turn them into a blog post later. You can also take quotes from a blog and post it to platforms. I think this is the most amazing aspect of creating content.

Consume other's content

If you want to create more content, you should consume more content. The process is continuous. You can have new ideas for your content from what you consumed. If you give the creator a compliment, it is also counted as a piece of content. You can create a newsletter by bundling all the content you consumed in the week.

There is no right or wrong answer

There is no one size fits all tip in creating content. That's the truth. My tips work for me but may not work for you. Because you have your own content that's you feel comfortable to create and share. You shouldn't blindly follow any advice or tips you receive. This is when the last tip comes into play.

Your creativity

The only way to know what content works best for you is to keep consuming, creating, and trying. Don't be afraid of failure. You will find out your way.

The last tip

If people don't consume your content, that's fine. Don't get frustrated. At least they still see you. The most important thing is that you like what you create and enjoy it. That's enough.

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