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Manually Trigger Workflow Run Outside Of Github

23-10-2020 | #github

Listen for the trigger event

To manually trigger Github Actions workflow with API, you need to listen for the event workflow_dispatch in on section of your workflow.


Configure input

You can config the required input and default value if the input is not provided.

        description: "Where the API is triggered"
        required: true
        default: "CLI"

The source input is required. It is the information about where the API is triggered. The default value CLI will be used if you don't pass the input in the request

After that, you can retrieve the configured input in your jobs.

        description: "Where the API is triggered"
        required: true
        default: "CLI"
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - run: echo "Triggered from ${{ github.event.inputs.source }}!"

In the print job, you echo the source value from github.event.inputs context

Generate personal access token

You need to authenticate before using Github API. It is recommended that you to use personal access token for requests.

  • Select Settings of your account
  • Choose the Developer settings tab of the left side bar
  • Select Personal access tokens
  • Click Generate new token
  • In the Token description, enter your token's name
  • Grant repo scope to your access token
  • Click Generate token
  • You need to save the token somewhere safe. After you leave the page, you won't see it again

Trigger the workflow

To trigger the workflow_dispatch event, you send a POST request to the Github API with your generated personal access token.

Command line

curl \
-u {owner}:{access_token} \
-d '{"ref": {ref}, "inputs": {inputs}}' \{owner}/{repo}/actions/workflows/{workflow_id}/dispatches

owner: your Github username

access_token: your personal access token

repo: Github repo's name

workflow_id: workflow file name

ref: required. It can be branch, tag or commit SHA

inputs: the object with configured keys in your workflow


  • Select POST as request method
  • Enter the request URL{owner}/{repo}/actions/workflows/{workflow_id}/dispatches
  • In Authorization tab, select Basic Auth type
  • Enter your username
  • In the Password field, enter your personal access token
  • Select Body tab and choose raw option
  • Enter {"ref": {ref}, "inputs": {inputs}} as the body
  • After send request, you will see status 204 No Content in the response

fetch function

    method: "POST",
    headers: {
      Authorization: "Basic {encoded_string}",
    body: JSON.stringify({ ref: { ref }, inputs: { inputs } }),

In the encoded_string after Basic word, you need to pass a base64-encoded string username:access_token


Github API document

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