Phong Duong


Initialize Netlify Site With CLI

13-10-2020 | #netlify

It is recommended that your project needs to be Git initialized. When you run Netlify init command,

netlify init

It will prompt you to choose either linking to an existing Netlify site or creating and configurating a new site.

If you choose linking to an existing site, you provide the site ID, name or select from a list.

If you choose creating and configurating a new site,

  • Enter site name: the site name must be unique. If the name exists, it will warn you. You can leave it blank, a random name will be generated.
  • Build command: it depends on your how your project is built for production
  • Deploy directory: the output directory of your build command

After entering all needed information, Neltify will set up CI/CD for your project

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