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Do what you like even it's useless

16-10-2020 | #me

The inspiration

This week, I read a post by Przemysław Thomann about his journey in building a crypto startup. Although he failed, he still experienced and learned something from this failure. His story is a great inspiration to me.

What am I doing?

The story makes me think about what I am doing. It's been 3 months since I quitted my job and started creating content. In the beginning, I thought creating content was easy. I just needed to create something and publish it. But it's not.

When I have an idea, it's really exciting. I want to turn that idea into a piece of content. As soon as I start creating content, I feel get stuck. I don't know how to express my idea. I don't know how to convey the content to my audiences.

After spending hours creating and editing, I click the publish button. I switch to the new content because I am bored with trying to make my content perfect. I sometimes try to make everything perfect but if it doesn't happen as I expect, I neglect it.

When I publish the piece of content, I have expectations for it. I want my content to serve as many audiences as possible. I want my content to get thousands of engagements. After all, it only gets a little. I am frustrated.

Things I realized

Although things don't work as expected, I realize that there are some people who still consume content. They are my family, friends, or someone on platforms I published. My content actually is useful to someone. I only focus on the number of people who don't consume my content rather than those who do.

I learned new skills in video editing, building audiences, SEO, and writing skills. My native language is not English so that this is an exercise. While creating content, I also learning new libraries and frameworks. The knowledge I earned and the content I created will be valuable in the future if I get back to a 9-5 job.

The joy of creating and learning

If you are having some ideas and want to create something, just do it.

It may turn into a side hustle or startup.

It may be useless and nobody cares about it.

Who knows?

One thing you can know after completing is what you experienced and learned.

You created something you are proud of. You have a project in your portfolio. You learn something new. You also have a story to share with everybody.

Enjoy it.

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