Phong Duong


Deploy Netlify Site With Build Hook

19-10-2020 | #netlify

Build hook allows you trigger build and deploy your site outside of Netlify.

Generate build hook

  • In site Setting, select Build & deploy tab from left side bar
  • Select Build hooks section in Continuous Deployment
  • Select Add build hook
  • Enter Build hook name. It will be displayed in the deploy message
  • Select the default branch to build. If your branch doesn't appear in the list, you need to deploy the site from this branch at least once
  • Click Save
  • It will generate a unique URL

Trigger build

To trigger build and deploy, you send a POST request to the build hook.

You can pass parameters to the build hook to custom your build

  • trigger_branch: branch to build and deploy instead of default branch
  • trigger_title: message will be displayed in the deploy list

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