Phong Duong


Be patient with everything

05-10-2020 | #me

I like gardening. I like not only having a green corner in my house but also the feeling of watching the trees growing every day.

The joy of gardening is that we have to be patient. The seeds don't grow into the big trees overnight. It takes time. It could take from 1 to 2 months for germination.

After germination, I still have to take care of them until they are mature. It usually takes 4 months.

From a cutting or a seed, they grow into trees. Sometimes I fail and the trees die.

Day by day, I take care of my trees. I water them and catch snails. I enjoy it.

Gardening is my hobby after work hours. It helps me relax and workout. It's good for both my mind and health.

Gardening is also my teacher. It teaches me a lot of lessons. One of them is patience. I can't rush. I have to wait for the seed to germinate and take care of it until it's mature.

I apply the lesson to everything I do in my life. I don't rush and enjoy the growing process.

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