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Authenticate To Github API Using Access Token

27-10-2020 | #github

Github encourages users to use personal access token for authentication instead of account's password.

Generate personal access token

  • Select Settings page of your account
  • Choose the Developer settings tab of the left side bar
  • Select Personal access tokens
  • Click Generate new token
  • In the Token description, enter your token's name
  • Grant permission and scope to your access token
  • Click Generate token
  • You need to save the token somewhere safe. After you leave the page, you won't see it again

Authenticate to Github API

You can authenticate to Github API by the following methods

Command line

You pass your Github username and access token as password to -u or --user flag

curl -u username:access_token


  • In Authorization tab, select Basic Auth type
  • Enter your username
  • In the Password field, enter your personal access token

fetch function

You use Basic authentication in the header of your request. You need to pass a base64-encoded string username:access_token after the word Basic.

fetch(url, {
  headers: {
    Authorization: "Basic encoded_string",

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