Phong Duong


A small act can make a huge impact on someone's life

02-10-2020 | #me

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't image how amazing today would be.

An old friend contacted and asked me to helped him solve a problem. He asked me to extract a list of strings that match a pattern out of the given string. It was kind of easy problem to me. I just used a regex pattern and Javascript match() function to do it.

After I sent him the solution, he thanked me. I was very happy. I didn't know a simple thing to me may help someone. I am still happy know.

I also asked him whether I could the code for my tutorial. He was very generous to say I could.

I realized that something that is simple and easy to us could be useful to someone. We can be helpful to our family, friends, neighbors or strangers. We just need to be open to share what we know.

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