Phong Duong


You know something I am looking for

21-09-2020 | #me

Have you ever looked for something on Google but can't find what you expected? I experienced this situation many times.

If I were stuck at a problem, I would search for the solution on Google. Sometimes I didn't find the solution for my problem. I wondered whether any solution existed or any person knew the solution.

I believe that there is someone knows the solution but they doesn't share it. I were that person before. I knew something that was valuable to people but I were afraid to share it. I thought people may shared it before and my solution was redundant.

But things have changed. Recently, I have begun creating tutorials and sharing them with everyone. I realized that sharing is another way to learn. When I create a tutorial about a concept, I will learn the concept and understand it more. It also makes me more creative because there are many ways to create a tutorial. It may be a blog post, a video or an image of my code using Carbon.

Sharing tutorials is also a way to save my knowledge. Programming is large, there are many things to learn and I can't remember everything. So my blog and Youtube channel are the first sources I will use when I am stuck.

I also want to share my thoughts and write down everything in my mind. I think if I read my blog posts 10 years later, I will understand how I thought 10 years ago.

I believe that we have different experiences in our life. Even though we experience a same thing, we still have different perspectives on how it effects to our life. So why don't you share your perspective and knowledge with people? It will be valuable to someone. It may be you and me.

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