Phong Duong


Run a task in different phases in Gulpjs

24-09-2020 | #gulpjs

When you use dest() function in the middle of your pipeline chain, the current location is updated to the path that you passed to the function. All actions you do below the dest() function will be executed at the new location. This means that after you write files to a destination, you can continue transforming and bundling those files at that destination.

For example:

Let's create a task that copies a CSS file to a new destination, minifies and renames that file then

const { src, dest } = require("gulp");
const cleanCSS = require("gulp-clean-css");
const rename = require("gulp-rename");

const bundleCSS = () => {
  return src("src/style.css")
    .pipe(rename({ extname: ".min.css" }))

exports.default = bundleCSS;

After you execute this task, you will see 2 new files in dist directory: style.css and style.min.css. After dest() function, it writes style.css to the dist directory and update the current location to dist/style.css. Down to the pipeline chain, cleanCSS and rename will transform dist/style.css. The second dest() function writes the transformed file to the dist directory.

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