Phong Duong


Ignore files to transform in Gulpjs

29-09-2020 | #gulpjs

When you need to transform a group of files inside of multiple directory, you may want some files not to be transformed. You can do this with negative globs in the src function.

We will create a task to copy all CSS files in our project to the output directory. But we don't want CSS files in node_modules and output directory to be proceeded

const { src, dest } = require("gulp");

const copyCSS = () => {
  return src(["./**/*.css", "!{node_modules,dist}/**"]).pipe(dest("dist"));

exports.default = copyCSS;

I passed an array of globs to the src function. The first glob will find all CSS files. The second glob will exclude a portion of the matched files in node_modules and dist directory

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