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How to create pattern with CSS #11

03-09-2020 | #css

:root {
  --red: red;
  --yellow: yellow;
  --transparent: #0000;

div {
  min-height: 100vh;
  background: linear-gradient(
      var(--red) 0.25rem,
      var(--transparent) 0.25rem 1.25rem,
      var(--red) 1.25rem 1.75rem,
      var(--transparent) 1.75rem 2.75rem,
      var(--red) 2.75rem
    ), conic-gradient(
      at 50% -0.5rem,
      var(--red) 135deg,
      var(--transparent) 135deg 225deg,
      var(--red) 225deg
    ), conic-gradient(
      at 50% 6.5rem,
      var(--transparent) 45deg,
      var(--red) 45deg 315deg,
      var(--transparent) 315deg
    ), conic-gradient(
      at 50% 2rem,
      var(--yellow) 135deg,
      var(--transparent) 135deg 225deg,
      var(--yellow) 225deg
    ), conic-gradient(at 50% 4rem, var(--red) 45deg, var(--yellow) 45deg 315deg, var(
        ) 315deg);
  background-size: 3rem 6rem;


Pattern 11

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