Phong Duong


Family meal is the most delicious

25-09-2020 | #me

My parents go to work every day. We only have dinner together. It is the most precious moment of the day to me.

I always want to enjoy this moment. I try to wait for my parents until they get back home from work. We have dinner quite late, it's around 21:00.

I don't want to go out for dinner because I want don't feel private. Although our meal is simple, I still like it. My father makes it.

Dinner is the most delicious meal of the day. We can eat and laugh together. I ask them how their day is and tell them about mine.

I also want to eat with my grandparents. They are vegetarians so I eat the same food with them for breakfast some days. It is healthy.

No matter how the meal is delicious, if I eat with my family, it is the most delicious. I enjoy the meal and every second I have with my family. It is the most valuable seconds of my day.

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