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Create and execute a task in Gulpjs

18-09-2020 | #gulpjs

A task is an asynchronous JS function. It has 2 types: public tasks and private tasks.

Public tasks: tasks that you export from gulpfile and run in gulp command

Private tasks: tasks that you don't export from gulpfile. You can use them in serires() and parallel() functions

Note: One thing to remember that Gulpjs doesn't support synchronous function. If you return something in your task, it must be stream, promise, event emitter, child process or observable. If you don't return anything, you must call the callback function to signal completion. The callback function is passed to your task as the argument.

In the gulpfile.js, you write a function and export it as default

function greet(cb) {
  return Promise.resolve();

exports.default = greet;

Run gulp command


It will exit, print Hi and the information about your task

[19:24:29] Using gulpfile F:\app\gulptest\gulpfile.js
[19:24:29] Starting 'default'...
[19:24:29] Finished 'default' after 5.1 ms

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