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js13k competition was over. This is a lesson I learned from it

17-08-2019 | #me

I heard about js13k last year while I was reading Javascript Weekly newsletter. I thought it was fun to develop a game using Javascript. But at that time, I didn't have any experience about game development so I didn't join it.

This year, I began my game development journey with the first game Tapping Shapes using Phaser. It was quite difficult when I start using stuffs like sprite sheet, sound.... After that, I switched to using Defold engine and learning Lua to develop games.

When this year js13k competition started, I planned to develop 2 games for it. I used KontraJS to develop. I thought developing games with KontraJS would be easy as I used Defold. But it is not. Defold is simple and it supports many features helping developer develop game faster. KontraJS is a lightweight library but it doesn't support so much features like Defold so I had to hand-coded. There was a constraint that every entry's size must be under 13kb.

I developed 2 games Coiner and Luon. I limited my self using 4-color palette for game graphic. Because of the game's constraint, I couldn't use heavyweight assets like sprite sheet or sound for the games. Luckily, Canvas and Web Audio made my life easier and kept games size was under 13kb.

By developing 2 games with so much constraints like size and colors, I believe that I can do anything in my life with any constraint. Nothing is impossible.

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