Phong Duong


My first game with Phaser

02-05-2019 | #gamedev

I had an idea about this game when I took courses about Game Development. The courses were provided by Michigan State University. Those course were great. I just enrolled 3 courses but it was amazing. They provided knowledge about game development and business. They were very useful.

Although the course provides game development knowledge using Unity, I can translate the knowledge to Phaser. I was looking for a game engine to build my HTML5 game with JS and I found Phaser. It has an understandable and well-formatted document. It also has tutorials to help you develop your game if you get stuck.

The most thing I love about Phaser is it supports Facebook instant game. I am trying to develop my instant game. I develop and deploy my game on browser first to receive users feedback first. I create Tapping Shapes with only two simple shapes like circle and square. It is easy to play. I hope it will gain some users to give me some feedback while I am developing instant game version. I hope you will have fun with my game. You can play Tapping Shapes here.

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