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2 projects in 2 weeks

10-04-2019 | #me

I have an idea about a platform that helps users rent books. I am quite a bookworm. I read a lot so that there are many books on my bookshelf. Unfortunately, my bookshelf does not have enough space to store all my books. So I think I will rent books and make some money while I have more space on the bookshelf.

I began developing an application that helps me rent my books. I released an MVP of my project after 2 weeks and got no user in first days. A user commented on my Facebook page that my amount of books was poor. So I plan to turn the application into a platform with 2 application. It works like a marketplace. An application that allows user rent books and another manages books.

I developed them in 2 weeks and deployed them today. I do not know whether any user will use my platform to rent books or not. But it will help me solve the problem with my books.

When I finished deploying 2 apps, I realize that I just spent 2 weeks to developing them. That is incredible. Because it often takes me 2-3 weeks to develop an app even it is just a single page app with front-end. But these apps are full-stack apps so I think it is a new record.

These are my applications

Weali: An application helps users rent books

Weali Shop: An application helps users manage books

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